Learn my secrets to get and stay lean while running several businesses AND still make time to Chase Life and enjoy a lifestyle!

"WELCOME to The Athletic Fox Blueprint 3.0!

The Athletic Fox Blueprint was originally launched in early 2014 and has undergone 3 major makeovers! Welcome to version 3.0!

My goal was to build a platform that was accessible to transform and create happy, healthy and confident women all over the world.

This program is for professional women or busy mum’s who want to look and feel amazing and build their confidence without having to obsessively diet and spend hours a day training.

Lets face it you have important stuff to do outside of the gym!

With over 13 years industry experience training women, I know you are busy, stressed, totally over yo yo dieting and compulsive exercise and you just want a simple plan nutrition and exercise plan to help you build a lean and healthy body. ONE THAT WORKS!

All of the methods in this program have TRIED, TESTED & PROVEN on thousands of women all over the world who are just like you.


Everything we do here at Athletic Fox is made to be as CLEAR AND SIMPLE as possible but you MUST be prepared to do the work.

If you like the sound of this then I cannot wait to have you join #teamfox and work towards a lean, healthy body and confident, happy mind!

Welcome aboard!

Rachel xx"

Get Access Now 50% off!PRE LAUNCH OFFER $248 (USUALLY $497 USD)

Here's what you are currently struggling with!

  • PARALYSIS BY ANALYSIS - You have tried hundreds of diet and exercise plans and every professional has a different opinion. You have also done your own research. Now you have so much information you have no idea where to start or who to trust!
  • YOU HAVE NO TIME - Busy professional and successful women/mothers do not have time to spend hours in the gym. You put out fires and never make your health a priority because it takes too much time!
  • YOU HATE DIETING AND LOVE WINE - Always trying to schedule in the "right time" to do a diet when you can put your life on hold!
  • FRUSTRATION AND HOPELESSNESS - Nothing has worked for you in the past. You fall off the wagon and your diets have been unsustainable.

Elite Fat Loss Consulting For Busy, Driven Women Who Want The Body, Business & Lifestyle!

Here's how we can help you!

Here's what is included in The Athletic Fox Blueprint!

  • Fully Online Membership

    It doesn’t matter where you are in the world you are able to access the training! We have ladies from Australia, New Zealand, Asia, UAE, Europe, UK and the US. Get access to detailed but super simple training plans and exercise videos built for fat loss and toning of your arms, back, booty, legs and hips.

  • Simple & Easy Nutrition Guidelines

    Learn how to eat again, guilt free, after years of yo-yo dieting or crazy time consuming meal preparation. Includes IBS guide for a happier digestive system.

  • Long Term Sustainable Fat Loss GYM and BODYWEIGHT Guides

    Access 24 months of training programs to keep changing and improving your body and avoid boredom or plateaus. Access to member only resources and a full exercise library.

  • Expert Advice and Professional Coaching Support Hub

    Learn from Rachel, with 13 years of coaching experience and changing the lives of thousands of women. Access to a private hub with daily access Rachel’s team of experienced coaches.

  • Look Great, Feel Amazing, Boost Your Confidence with your Specialised Fat Loss Membership

    Boost your health, work productivity and happiness without sacrificing hours in the gym and restrictive dieting. This program is suitable ONLY for driven, professional women or busy mothers seeking sustainable long term fat loss. If you are seeking a short term quick fix – look else where.

Real success stories, from real women!

Here's why you should work with Rachel!

With a background in Physiotherapy; Director of Athletic Fox & Chase Life, Rachel Guy has been shaking up the fitness industry for the past 13 years.

Based in London, Sydney and Dubai she is regarded as one of the worlds leading female consultants and an international influencer on health and wellness.

Specialising in Female Fat Loss & Behavioural Change, Rachel inspires and educates driven, successful women and entrepreneurs to live a healthy, balanced and fun lifestyle while pushing the boundaries on what is possible!

Rachel offers accessible and professional online training and nutrition consulting through “The Athletic Fox Blueprint” membership program.
She also runs elite mindset, lifestyle and health consulting services though Chase Life with her husband, Mindset Expert David Godfrey, helping women overcome hidden issues with food, stress and the fear of not being good enough.

In the media, Rachel has had a successful career as fitness model and writer with a cover of Oxygen Magazine, featuring in several T.V. commercials and magazines in Australia, the UK and South Africa including Oxygen Australia, Ironman, MuscleMag, The Sydney Morning Herald, Mens Fitness, Women’s Health & Fitness, Body and Soul, Cosmopolitan, On Duty, AlphaMan and Shape.

Known for her no nonsense and direct approach, clients experience rapid and lasting change in their Body, Business and Lifestyle.


Finally, No Guess work, No Stress, Sustainable and Healthy Fat Loss For Busy Women!

Get Access Now 50% off!PRE LAUNCH OFFER $248 (USUALLY $497 USD)

Real women, Real sustainable fat loss!

Get Access Now 50% off!PRE LAUNCH OFFER $248 (USUALLY $497 USD)