Online Fat Loss Training and Nutrition for Busy Women!


"WELCOME to my new Online Training Members Only Site!

The Athletic Fox Blueprint was built to transform and create happy, healthy and confident women all over the world.

This program is for professional women or busy mum’s who want to look and feel amazing and build their confidence without having to obsessively diet and spend hours a day training.

Lets face it you have important stuff to do outside of the gym!

With over 13 years industry experience training women, I know you are busy, stressed, totally over yo yo dieting and binge eating and you just want a simple plan nutrition and exercise plan to help you build a lean and healthy body. ONE THAT WORKS!

All of the methods in this program have TRIED, TESTED & PROVEN on thousands of women all over the world who are just like you.


Everything we do here at Athletic Fox is made to be as CLEAR AND SIMPLE as possible but you MUST be prepared to do the work.

If you like the sound of this then I cannot wait to have you join #teamfox and let me coach you to a lean, healthy body and confident, happy mind!

Look forward to meeting you!"

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What's Involved In The Program?

  • EXPERT ADVICE & PROFESSIONAL COACHING - Learn from a trainer with 13 years of coaching experience and changing the lives of thousands of women just like you.
  • SIMPLE, EASY NUTRITION GUIDELINES - Learn how to eat again, guilt free, after years of yo-yo dieting or crazy time consuming meal prep
  • LONG TERM SUSTAINABLE FAT LOSS TRAINING - Access to up to 24 training programs to keep changing and improving your body and avoid boredom or plateaus
  • PROFESSIONAL ADVICE - Access to world class professionals and doctors on the Expert Panel covering Pregnancy, PCOS, Eating Disorders, Hormonal Issues, Mindset and other female issues.
  • DAY BY DAY PLANNER - On your exercise and nutrition schedule – you will never lose track of what you need to do!
  • FULL 24/7 SUPPORT - In the Forum with daily access to Rachel and her team of experienced coaches. Additional email and text messaging accountability optional.
  • AFFORDABLE MEMBERSHIPS - 2 month to 24 month options available

What's NOT Involved In The Program!

  • NO counting calories, weighing food or obsessive dieting practices
  • NO starvation diets, no extreme low carb or low fat
  • NO false promises UNLESS you do the work
  • This is not a program to make you Very Thin or Skinny. If you are after that look you are on the wrong site.
  • This is not a program to get you totally shredded or very muscular! At Athletic Fox we advocate tight lean athletic curves and flat tummies and maintain a very feminine sustainable physique.
  • You will require access to a gym to lift weights. If you need a BodyWeight Training guide click HERE

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Proven Results!


Get your BODY & LIFE in order and bring your CONFIDENCE back!

What Are You Waiting For? Let's Go!

1. Goal Setting

Most women struggle with Fat Loss because a) They do not know what they want and b) They don’t believe they can achieve a goal. Before we get into training and nutrition we need to lay the foundations, set a goal and create a map of how to get there. We show you how!

2. Lifestyle

Forget “program-hopping”, changing diets, “starting on Monday” and all that BS. Get a grip on your lifestyle! This program is designed FOR LIFE not just for a 2 week block. We teach you the tips and life hacks to simplify and streamline your health and fitness lifestyle!

3. Nutrition

Nutrition Guidelines, recipes and how to incorporate your favourite foods - all done for you! Red wine and chocolate is NOT BANNED in this program!

4. Training

Kick Start Program to fast track your results PLUS exclusive membership of the Fit Fox Club where you have access to a new exercise program each month, new videos, webinars and direct help from Rachel and the Expert Panel.

Transform Your Body And Your Life With Leading International Female Trainer Rachel Guy!

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